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A knife with a blade that can be propelled away from the hilt and fired at an enemy. Often gas or spring powered, this is useful for surprising enemies trying to retreat from close quarters combat.

Domain: Plants; Category: Flowers

Also known as 'balisung'. This is a folding pocket knife used for shows of dexterity and portability. In the Philippines it served as a utility knife but it carries a reputation of street ...

Domain: Kitchen & dining; Category: Cooking tools

A knife with a large, rectangular blade resembling an axehead. The size and mass of the blade allow the knife to cut through meat and bone, which is why this is used most often by butchers.

Domain: Kitchen & dining; Category: Cooking tools

A term used for the X-Acto knife in parts of the world that has come to mean a boxcutter with a blade that snaps off to bring out a newer and sharper section once it is dulled.

Domain: Kitchen & dining; Category: Cooking tools

A knife made out of everyday materials, often made in places that one would never expect a knife to be at. Some shivs have even been made out of paper.

Domain: Kitchen & dining; Category: Cooking tools

A knife with a hollow-ground blade used for getting close to skin and shaving the hair off. This sort of knife requires great maintenance to keep itself sharp and usable.

Domain: Kitchen & dining; Category: Cooking tools

A knife with a large variety of attachments that has a lot of functions. The Swiss Army Knife often has bottle openers, screwdrivers, saw blades and other such attachments that give it wide use.

Domain: Kitchen & dining; Category: Cooking tools

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