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Firstly, they are NOT called "dreadlocs", they are just "LOCS". The word "dread" was coined "dreadlocs" because colonialists used to say that this natural style of hair looked "dreadful". This glossary simply shows great ways in which people with locs can, and do wear their hair. (thanks to Chescalocs)

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Elvis Priestly and Johnny Cash made this a popular style in the 1950's, but the loced men and women are bringing it back. Begin by doing a basket weave braid from the back to the front of your hair. Having reached the front continue with a normal braid until you reach the very end of your hair, securing it with a rubber band. Then simply tuck in which ever side you feel comfortable (left or right) securing it with a hair pin.

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Elvis sacerdotals i Johnny Cash fer això un estil popular en la dècada de 1950, però la loced homes i dones estan portant-lo. Begin fent una cistella de teixit trena per l'esquena a la part davantera del seu cabell. Haver arribat a la part davantera continuar amb una trena normal fins arribar al final del teu cabell, assegurar-lo amb una goma elàstica. Llavors simplement estètica d'abdomen en que alguna vegada vostè costat se senti còmode (esquerra o dreta) assegurar-lo amb un pin de pèl.

Domain: Beauty; Category: Hair style

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